The Day Securus Technologies Came to Our Prison

The longer that I work as a guard in a correctional facility, the more challenging it has become to keep everyone safe. Despite the inmates having a problem with authority and lashing out at me and my team, we are trying to make sure they simply do their court-appointed time. In addition to making sure they are safe, we need to ensure that officers, visitors, and workers inside this facility are afforded that same treatment. With our jail at capacity, inmates tend to be more violent and will lash out at the slightest issue.


Over the years we have tried a number of ways to keep violence to a minimum, but those days of increasing patrols or putting up a stronger police presence are over. It was clear to officers that we needed help, we just didn’t realize how instrumental Securus Technologies was going to be in that effort. Securus Technologies has created a way where correctional officers can get out from the crowded call centers and back on the grounds while the calls inmates are making are monitored even more precisely.


Securus Technologies created a software-driven inmate telephone monitoring system, and the way it works is really impressive. The LBS software scans every second of calls made from jail phones, and if any chatter pertaining to things like violence, drugs, or weapons, is picked up, officers get the alert and take action fast. Rather than waiting for trouble and taking action, officers are now in the position to be able to get ahead of trouble which in turn keeps the entire facility safer.


If inmates are planning a fight, looking to acquire drugs, or doing things in their cells and bragging about it on the phones, officers can clean up these issues and make this facility all the more safer.


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