Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology Prevent Unwanted and Dangerous Drones from Entering Prisons

Drones have become major threats to penal institutions. The most significant issue with these drones is when they are being used to deliver weapons such as ice picks, knives and even guns that can easily cause harm to the prison guards and other inmates. Another issue is when they are used to send contraband phones and drugs inside the prison. Since these are much lighter than weapons, even a toy grade drone can be used to carry these inside the prison. Since these drones have a wide range, the operator can be miles apart when using them making it very difficult to catch. Even though flying drones over prisons and military facilities is against the law, it has not stopped criminals from trying. Many criminals are also modifying these drones and making them capable of firing bullets that can lead to many more tragic incidents.


After news of several drones being found inside the prison, yards came to light; there has been an increased need to try and stop these drones from entering the restricted areas. The current security measures are not enough to stop all drones and some slip from the cracks easily. There is a need for advanced technology system to help detect these drones and stop them immediately. Securus Technologies has recently introduced their drone detection technology in many prisons that would help limit the entry of drones inside prisons. Many more prisons have come forward and partnering with the company to improve the security of their premises.


Securus Technologies has been working in the civil and criminal justice technology industry for long to realize that the prison industry cannot work without the latest technology in place. With the rise in crimes using technology, the need for a good tech in place has become quite essential. Securus Technology had previously created the Wireless Containment System that allowed the correctional officers to prevent the use of contraband phones inside the prison. But, in the past year, they have created a drone detection technology to stop the use of drones in delivering these cell phones to the inmates.


Securus Technology is known for its excellent customer service to its clients. In fact, they have been awarded multiple times for their efforts in different categories. In the recent Stevie Awards, they have won awards in three different categories. They have been winning awards for the past three years in a row. Stevie Awards is known as one of the world top honors for companies in the customer service section, and it is given out to only the best teams in the world. The organization receives more than 10,000 applicants every year, and a group of seven judges selected from across the globe is given the task to judge among them in various categories.



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