The Most Disastrous Weapon Used In The Middle Age Period- Trabuco

Long before the modern day artillery including the gunpowder was founded, the people from the middle age period used a weapon that was known as the Trabuco. Thousands of generations used the war machine as it was used for nearly ten centuries after its invention.

The war weapon was first established when the earth was only four centuries old in the 400 BC. It was developed by the Chinese people who used the sling method to come up with the war machine. They designed the device to handle larger missiles from longer distances just like the sling where they aimed to make it hold heavier loads.


The Physics behind the Trabuco Mechanism

The war machines worked by employing the Kinetic Theory in Physics that dictates that potential energy has to be converted to kinetic energy to hurl loads. Also, the speed or velocity of the object should be directly proportional to the force applied while some of the heat dissipates in the process. It is by this Physics application that the objects fired were able to cause massive destruction to the walls of the opponents. Besides, depending on the size of the war machine, trabuco would shoot heavy loads of up to 140 pounds from 80 meters away.

The War Machine Usage

The Trabuco weapons were also used in other parts of the world where it was spread to other nations by the Arab merchants. It was first received by the Europeans in the 600 AD, and they used it in battles with their opponents in Europe. The machine was again used by religious groups during conflicts and even in Brazil. Additionally, the war machine existed in two phases where the first one was known as the tensile or traction weapon, while the other one was known as the hybrid war machine according to The former used the human intervention, but the latter was developed to incorporate counterweight instead. Nonetheless, it was later abandoned in the 13th century when gunpowder was discovered.

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Education Is Looking Up For Low-Income Students Around The Country Thanks To Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been working hard to improve the quality of education that young students receive in the United States since 2006. The founders of Rocketship Education were concerned with the quality of education for all students, not just those from wealthy districts that could afford to pay for expensive schooling. Rocketship Education has charter schools in various districts around the country with goals to expand every single year. In 2017 Rocketship Education served roughly 30,000 students within their education system, many of which were from low-income families. This behavior from Rocketship Education has not only greatly impacted these low-income communities, but it has earned them recognition from the entire educational world.

Rocketship Education’s unique approach to teaching their students has been tremendously effective at helping students reach their highest potential. To date, Rocketship Education schools have turned out some of the highest scoring students in the country, beating out even expensive private schools in wealthy districts. Rocketship schools also saw subject proficiency among students above 90 percent, which is much greater than the average of 50 percent to regular schooling. There are various reasons for this, but the biggest is the unique training that goes into each students curriculum.

All students that are in the Rocketship system are considered Rocketeers and have individual training alongside their standard schoolwork. This helps every student excel even in normal problem subjects due to more personalized teaching. This type of learning allows students to feel more confident in their ability and teachers can better engage them in the classroom. Rocketship Education also takes pride in communication, which is why they work to ensure parents, students, and teachers are all on the same page with a child’s education. When parents are showing interest in their child’s schooling, they get more support at home and feel more motivated to perform well in class. Thanks to the many donations Rocketship has received over the years, they have improved their budget and have more charter schools in the works for the future.

Matt Badiali Speaks about Freedom Checks

In the recent times, American media houses introduced something that has left many people in the country talking. If you have been watching your television, you must have come across Freedom Checks. This is the new name in town, and people from all walks of life are speaking about it. In one of the adverts showing Freedom Checks, an influential finance executive who uses the name Matt Badiali is seen holding a huge check showing over one hundred thousand dollars. The checks in Matt Badiali’s hand looks like the checks that are issued by the American government for any tax refund. Most people have been wondering and asking if they could consider investing in freedom checks so that they can earn some extra money and change their financial situation. Visit to know more.

Although Matt is a top investor in the American market, there are very many viewers who have decided that they are going to ignore the advert because it resembles all the other scams that have been introduced by the modern technology. There are investors who believe that when the deal is too good, the chances of getting scammed are high. These individuals say that this deal being shown in the media is too good, and it can never be the true one. The scheme shows that the ordinary American can get rich very quickly without having to spend many hours in the office. The nature of this ad has been shocking many. Most people say that the American government can never write a check for a citizen just for accomplishing nothing. For many, this act is impossible.

Freedom Checks have not been understood in the market, and this is probably one of the reasons they have been getting negative results from most consumers. There are few individuals who do not know who Badiali is and why he should be trusted. The businessman is one of the influential figures who work with Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali is an expert when it comes to natural resources, and he can assist anyone to earn wealth and live their dream life. Matt now wants to clear the air and answer the question in the minds of many people. According to Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks are the perfect way of earning wealth, and they are not scams as many people believe. Investors do not have to worry about losing their money when investing in freedom checks. Follow:

Eric Lefkofsky Chicago’s new unicorn tech company

Three years ago, Eric Lefkofsky combined his expertise as an entrepreneur and knowledge in the technology industry to co-found Tempus, a new Chicago startup company. From first-hand experience, Eric learned that healthcare databases were small and disorganized. Having gained the expertise from he’s dealing with other technology platforms, he knew this was the platform that was needed to open a wider door for the healthcare industry. So Lefkofsky and his longtime friend and business partner Brad Keywell created Tempus Labs. Staff and teams of technology, data-science and cancer research experts were hired. Partnerships were developed with academic medical centers and cancer physicians.

The mission of Tempus was to innovate the way physicians thought and treated cancer. Their goal was to provide physicians a learning library of data from previous cancer patients. Data that not only contains patient history but analyzed data of physicians diagnose and treatments. Data that enables physicians to deliver an integrated treatment program that would be beneficial to patient outcome. Lefkofsky confirmed that Tempus has partnered with the University of Chicago, Rush University and Northwestern, as well as, over 50 other research hospitals, Cancer Institutes/Centers and drug companies across the United States.

In this short time, Tempus has grown to become one of Chicago’s top ten health tech companies. And after the latest round of funding in March 2018 this new startup is now the latest of Chicago’s “unicorn” tech company. In September of last year Tempus raised $70 million, and everyone thought it was an impressive feat. In March of this year the startup raised $80 million, raising the company’s value to $1.1 billion, bringing it to it’s “unicorn” status. This increase of highly needed investment money will cause a rolling effect of more hires of high tech personnel, increased research and more data collecting, to physicians more acutely customizing cancer treatment care. For cancer patients, it means instead of just focusing on their cancer, treatments are focused on them as a whole being.

Tempus has already aggregated the largest clinical cancer database, putting structure into the unstructured digital medical records systems. As Tempus continues to develop a model for collecting critic medical data and proving it can be done, the future looks bright for patients with other hard to treat diseases.