Education Is Looking Up For Low-Income Students Around The Country Thanks To Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been working hard to improve the quality of education that young students receive in the United States since 2006. The founders of Rocketship Education were concerned with the quality of education for all students, not just those from wealthy districts that could afford to pay for expensive schooling. Rocketship Education has charter schools in various districts around the country with goals to expand every single year. In 2017 Rocketship Education served roughly 30,000 students within their education system, many of which were from low-income families. This behavior from Rocketship Education has not only greatly impacted these low-income communities, but it has earned them recognition from the entire educational world.

Rocketship Education’s unique approach to teaching their students has been tremendously effective at helping students reach their highest potential. To date, Rocketship Education schools have turned out some of the highest scoring students in the country, beating out even expensive private schools in wealthy districts. Rocketship schools also saw subject proficiency among students above 90 percent, which is much greater than the average of 50 percent to regular schooling. There are various reasons for this, but the biggest is the unique training that goes into each students curriculum.

All students that are in the Rocketship system are considered Rocketeers and have individual training alongside their standard schoolwork. This helps every student excel even in normal problem subjects due to more personalized teaching. This type of learning allows students to feel more confident in their ability and teachers can better engage them in the classroom. Rocketship Education also takes pride in communication, which is why they work to ensure parents, students, and teachers are all on the same page with a child’s education. When parents are showing interest in their child’s schooling, they get more support at home and feel more motivated to perform well in class. Thanks to the many donations Rocketship has received over the years, they have improved their budget and have more charter schools in the works for the future.

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  1. Coming to the level of education for all, I think the cases are unique in each region but a solution that may make it work could be close. Better for because of the involvement with this team and I think it helps in building relationships the right way. Making a connection with people with different income class could be really a good deal for the world as a whole.

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