OSI Group

The OSI Group is a family owned entity that began developing machinery used in the horticulture industry and the military. The group began its operation in 2003 in Florida. The group has developed cutting edge technology that has developed solution for its esteemed customers and governments around the globe. The United State government spends a lot of cash in the military. The OSI company takes advantage of the spending by providing the US armed forces with the necessary equipment that they need in battle. The company produces aerospace spare part and the defense equipment tools.

Some of its defense technology includes military vehicles, military aircrafts, space parts and some military programs. The company’s aircraft manufacture department produces jet engines, aircraft landing gear and flight surface equipment. The company extended some of its operation to military ground support equipment. OSI corporation also manufactures general mechanical tools, and power and tracking equipment’s through its supply chain. The US government and other foreign countries contract the company through its manufacture and supply department.

The OSI Group also runs a horticulture machinery industry. The company is growing and is supplying to a number of counties across the globe. The OSI Group has heavily invested in research and also joined with other corporations in developing sophisticated military systems for the future. The research and collaboration has produced cutting edge machinery that has improved the horticulture farming thus satisfying it customers. The company is now working to produce Robotic machinery that is economical, has low cost of maintenance and takes less amount of space.

The OSI Group’s latest technology is the MegaFlower Buffer. It’s easy to use and it does most of the work especially during harvesting, cutting and grading of the flowers. The buffer is used during the harvesting seasons and it saves a lot of money in labor costs. The buffer harvester can be used to harvest different types of flowers. However, it’s highly recommended for chrysanthemums and lilies. The OSI Group’s ambition is to satisfy its customers by developing state of the art technology. The firm also aims at becoming the leading company in both horticultural and military technology.


GreenSky Credit Offers Alternatives for Cheap Home Improvement Loans

You might be intending to improve your home, but you do not have the necessary funds to do that. Some mainstream lending institutions can lend you the money at a decent rate, but you are borrowing little money such that the banks are not willing to assist you in your project. If you are experiencing or in such a condition, GreenSky Credit is the best alternative for you where you can easily access small loans for home improvement through mobile application rather than through credit cards.

  • What is GreenSky Credit?

This is the fastest and easiest way through which you can access bank loans without the necessary paperwork. It is a platform where borrowers can easily meet with businesses and banking institutions and access loans within a short period. The loans accessed can be used in purchasing goods and services in the local retail outlet, or they can be used in paying a contractor who has been involved in a home improvement project. This type of loan comes with added benefits such that you can pay 0% on the interest rate for the first 18 months, especially if you consider using one of the in-network pros.

Currently, the organization is partnering with more than 12,000 business merchants and is working with the federal-insured banks to make sure that all the borrowed funds have been secured. GreenSky Credit is giving opportunities to borrowers to access small amounts of money at lower interest rates rather than through credit cards where they will be required to pay an exorbitant amount of money through interest. Despite getting the loans at lower interest rates, all the rigorous paper works that are involved have been eliminated to make the process efficient. Current statistics indicate that GreenSky Credit has been able to provide more than $12 billion in loans to a large number of customers going beyond 12,000.

  • How the Credit Works

The loan application process involves a typical online loan application where an individual fills in personal information and the intended use of the money. The borrower will then be required to indicate the purpose of the loan upon which he/she will be able to access up to $55,000. This application is approved immediately, and one can continue to use the money without challenges.


The RealReal- Instagram

The RealReal Delivers Real Fashion

Bombarding their Instagram followers with pictures of high-fashion, yet still affordable, items is what The RealReal is all about. It is no wonder they are so popular on the social media platform as their photos leave their fans salivating and waiting for more. From Versace to Coco Chanel, the company definitely aims to impress with the look of success.

What sets The RealRea apart from other high-fashion retailers. however, is the fact that all of their luxury items are used. While there are many places on the internet where somebody can buy “fashion” items, more often than not those items will be counterfeit. When someone buys from The RealRea, they are guaranteed to be purchasing only authentic items. This is because each and every item they sell has been verified to be authentic by an industry expert. They even offer money-back guarantees backing up their authenticity claims.

While major fashion houses were skeptical at first, they are certainly on board now. The reason is that it is getting their products into the hands of people who may not otherwise be able to afford their high-end items. It is also being welcomed with open arms because it is putting a huge dent in the market of cheap knock-offs. Not only were the fashion houses losing money to counterfeiters but consumers were starting to believe their products were of poor quality because they were fooled by the counterfeit merchandise.

It is no doubt that The RealRea is here to stay to provide luxury items for a long time to come.

Find out more about The RealReal: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/13/fashion/the-realreal-consignment-store.html

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Discusses Non-Urgent Visits To The Emergency Room

One of the biggest issues regarding modern healthcare is emergency rooms are being used for non-urgent care. Approximately one third of Americans visit emergency rooms for medical care even if it is not an emergency. Florida is in the national average for these visits. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel works as an emergency physician in Florida and has seen hundreds of cases that were not emergencies come through the trauma and emergency center. He believes this is because there is not enough access to primary care. Every patient is provided with a physician, support staff, techs, nurses and a bed. This volume makes it difficult to manage resources and emergency medical crises.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has spoken of the difficulty in maintaining the patient flow due to non-urgent cases. His opinion corresponds with numerous studies revealing some patients do not have insurance where others have a high income but are unwilling to wait for a primary care appointment. The emergency department is convenient and eliminates an average of a 24 hour wait for a primary care physician. Additional studies show men are more likely than women to go to the emergency room for a non-urgent issue. Some experts believe the deductibles and copays could be changed as a deterrent to visiting the emergency room when the issue is not urgent. Unfortunately, this would disproportionately affect individuals with lower incomes.

Researchers have also revealed a copayment for individuals with Medicaid visiting the emergency room was ineffective. Anthem insurance stopped payments in 2015 for non-urgent visits to emergency rooms in Kentucky. In 2017, Missouri and Georgia were added to the list which now includes Ohio, Indiana and New Hampshire. This is referred to as an inappropriate use for emergency rooms. More insurance companies are expected to take the same actions and funding has been pulled by private employers for emergency room non-urgent care. This is intended to save insurance companies money while increasing their profits.

These changes include situations where dangerous medical consequences may be a factor. The issue is many experts believe a patient must be evaluated and examined prior to deciding if the situation is urgent. Some physicians in the emergency room believe this policy will cause the death of some of their patients. Many individuals do not have a way to access a primary care doctor and numerous Medicaid patients are unable to find a provider. The cheapest and easiest way to address a medical issue is by going to the emergency room. This often saves Medicaid patients copays for specialty doctors they are unable to afford.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s work in the emergency room makes him well qualified regarding the potential solutions. He realizes one of the main reasons people go to the emergency room is because the majority of primary care doctors are unavailable during the weekend. A lot of physicians believe if doctors extended their hours in the evening it would decrease the number of visits to emergency rooms. This may be the solution since patients do not like the high bills they receive from emergency rooms.


Portfolio Management Through the Eyes of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has some inspiration for the investor that has just steps into the investing arena. He wants the investors to know that there are tons of possibilities out there. He also wants the investor to know that your funds are not going to make the highest possible rates of return without a little moving around. He urges the investor that really wants to make money to look at what the market is going.

Igor Cornelsen recommends getting a trusted source for your investing analysis. Good information, as far as Igor is concerned, comes from resources like Reuters. There is a news feed that has all of the latest news that is relevant in various markets on a global level. If you want to know what is happening with technology or entertainment stocks. Reuters is the place. This agency also has the latest in news coverage on politics and business industries as well. This is where Igor gets his information, and that is what has given him the ability to see what is available for the portfolio that he is trying to build.

When people are looking at the investment mentors that are out there they have to consider what the big investors like Warren Buffet are bringing to the table. This is someone that has become a billionaire by paying attention to the market. Warren is someone that believed in holding on to some stocks. This is something that he demonstrated in the early years of his teenage paperboy route days. Igor also believes that there are some long term investments that you should hold on to, but this is only part of the equation. Igor also realizes that there are some stocks that are sinking your portfolio. That is why he believes people should pay more attention to their investments.

Rocketship Education Fights Against An Unbalanced View Of Charter Schools

There can be little doubt the growth of charter schools in the U.S. has become a controversial subject in the media. However, much of the media coverage has been described as unbalanced and without merit by many education experts and journalists alike. Following an NPR report focusing on the work of the charter school, Rocketship Education, the CEO of the nonprofit decided it was time to put right the many media wrongs.

Many of the complaints made about the coverage of Rocketship Education in the media made by CEO Preston Smith focus on the use of language in the NPR article. In the article, Preston Smith took exception to Rocketship Education being described as a “company.” Words such as organization and nonprofit would have been more fitting for the charter school network which does not make a profit and seeks to assist low-income families.

Established in 2006, Rocketship Education has been building a loyal following across the U.S. for the good work the charter school network has been doing for just over a decade. Preston Smith founded the network along with fellow former California public school educator, John Danner. Establishing Rocketship Education came from a belief in the duo that members of minority groups in San Jose had lost their ability to escape poverty through education because of a failing public school system.

The tech-savvy educators have made sure elementary school students are prepared for a world where the digital environment is becoming ever more important. The NPR article of 2016 attempted to criticize the use of technology within the 13 locations the charter school operates in. However, Preston Smith sought to clarify the technology situation in the school system with a few facts. Firstly, Rocketship Education uses a rotation system where a group of students spends time using mobile devices with other working closely with an educator. The Rocketship Education model also calls for high-quality software to be made available to students with just five key apps used to further much-needed skills.

OSI Industries Is Feeding The World

OSI Industries is an international leader in the food industry. The corporation is led by innovative President and COO, David McDonald. Mr. McDonald has been with OSI for more than 3 decades. OSI and Mr. McDonald are an American midwest story of success.

David McDonald is from Iowa who graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and who was also awarded the senior accolade of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

Despite Mr. McDonald’s global recognition as one of the leaders at OSI Industries, his feet still stands on Iowa soil. At his alma mater, David is a generous philanthropist who supports scholarship funds and internship opportunities for Iowa State University students.

Mr. McDonald has been acknowledged by the college in the form of being honored with the Iowa State University Foundation Emerging Philanthropist Award. For Mr. McDonald’s support of the college’s alumni association, he won the ISU Young Alumni Award. David McDonald is married with six children in Iowa, where his two eldest children are attending Iowa State University.

Today, OSI Industries is operating in the U.S., and in 17 foreign countries. With his skill and experience in working with suppliers and retailers throughout the years, David McDonald recently led an expansion quest into China. Mr. McDonald became entrenched in the Chinese corporate bureaucratic design and as such, OSI became the first joint-venture as a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise.

From the Midwest to the world, OSI has become a $6+ billion company and is one of the largest private companies in the world. OSI Industries has a rich history which started with Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as a small Chicago butcher shop and later the partner of the international fast-food chain of McDonald’s.

During this expansive initial growth, David McDonald, a recent college graduate, was hired by OSI as an intern working under Sheldon Lavin, the company CEO. Mr. David McDonald says that 30 years ago he knew that his career would always be with OSI Industries and that his zeal for the company’s worldwide growth with its partners and especially to their customers remains the same today.

NetPicks Covers The Basics Of Currency Trading For Newcomers

Before 1996-day trading wasn’t a thing and being a forex trader was really only realistically possible for people working in the financial industry. In that year, though, NetPicks was founded and was one of the pioneers enabling people to be able to trade assets online such as stocks, bonds, futures, options, and currencies. Since that year they have not only set up platforms for people to trade assets but have also been educating folk on the right way to go about it. They say people need to know the right strategies and then execute them correctly, refer to (Financeswire.com).

Forex trading is known by several other terms such as currency trading, FX trading, and foreign exchange trading. What it boils down to is trying to make a profit by figuring out whether one currency will go up or down against another currency, learn more on crunchbase.com. This type of trading goes around the clock because there’s always a currency market open somewhere in the world that currency traders can make their transactions on. The New York City trading market might be closed, for instance, but when it is the one in Australia is open for business.

The team at NetPicks says that currency traders should always trade in currency pairs, matching one currency against the other. The vast majority of currency traders stick to the world’s biggest currencies as going off into exotic currencies doesn’t make a lot of sense. NetPicks says the reason for this is that the risks of using exotic currencies just doesn’t match the award.

For those new to currency trading, the team at NetPicks has explained some of the basic terminologies that are used. PIP (or Pip), for instance, stands for Price Interest Point. That term is used to refer to whether a transaction has a gain or a loss. Bid Price is what a currency trader wants to sell their currency pair for while Ask price is what a currency trader is willing to pay for a currency pair. The spread is the difference between these two number. This spread is also measured in PIP and each of them is the equal of one basis point.