Portfolio Management Through the Eyes of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has some inspiration for the investor that has just steps into the investing arena. He wants the investors to know that there are tons of possibilities out there. He also wants the investor to know that your funds are not going to make the highest possible rates of return without a little moving around. He urges the investor that really wants to make money to look at what the market is going.

Igor Cornelsen recommends getting a trusted source for your investing analysis. Good information, as far as Igor is concerned, comes from resources like Reuters. There is a news feed that has all of the latest news that is relevant in various markets on a global level. If you want to know what is happening with technology or entertainment stocks. Reuters is the place. This agency also has the latest in news coverage on politics and business industries as well. This is where Igor gets his information, and that is what has given him the ability to see what is available for the portfolio that he is trying to build.

When people are looking at the investment mentors that are out there they have to consider what the big investors like Warren Buffet are bringing to the table. This is someone that has become a billionaire by paying attention to the market. Warren is someone that believed in holding on to some stocks. This is something that he demonstrated in the early years of his teenage paperboy route days. Igor also believes that there are some long term investments that you should hold on to, but this is only part of the equation. Igor also realizes that there are some stocks that are sinking your portfolio. That is why he believes people should pay more attention to their investments.

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