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The RealReal Delivers Real Fashion

Bombarding their Instagram followers with pictures of high-fashion, yet still affordable, items is what The RealReal is all about. It is no wonder they are so popular on the social media platform as their photos leave their fans salivating and waiting for more. From Versace to Coco Chanel, the company definitely aims to impress with the look of success.

What sets The RealRea apart from other high-fashion retailers. however, is the fact that all of their luxury items are used. While there are many places on the internet where somebody can buy “fashion” items, more often than not those items will be counterfeit. When someone buys from The RealRea, they are guaranteed to be purchasing only authentic items. This is because each and every item they sell has been verified to be authentic by an industry expert. They even offer money-back guarantees backing up their authenticity claims.

While major fashion houses were skeptical at first, they are certainly on board now. The reason is that it is getting their products into the hands of people who may not otherwise be able to afford their high-end items. It is also being welcomed with open arms because it is putting a huge dent in the market of cheap knock-offs. Not only were the fashion houses losing money to counterfeiters but consumers were starting to believe their products were of poor quality because they were fooled by the counterfeit merchandise.

It is no doubt that The RealRea is here to stay to provide luxury items for a long time to come.

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