Unbiased Review of SEC Whistleblower Advocates

Truly unbiased reviews are hard to come by, but when the topic of discussion is the SEC Whistleblower Advocate Program, it is easy to give a free and unbiased review since the details of the entire program are fully legitimate and forthcoming. The program was created in answer to a societal crisis in the United States of America. They have since expanded to not only investigating claims in the US, but they now also investigate international claims that may not be able to be policed by other entities or law enforcement agencies.

The results of such business world scandals that affected thousands, and in some cases millions, of people made it very clear that there was a hole in the fabric of law enforcement on such large scales. This created the necessity for there to be a central place where people could give alerts and tips in anonymous formats that will end up being actually investigated instead of swept under the rug. When large companies have too much involvement or influence over local enforcement agencies, the people and society end up being the ones who pay the price for large scale dealings of impropriety. This is where SEC Whistleblowers come in to inherently “save the day.”

SEC Whistleblower advocates has created a safe space for all trying to perpetuate truth, honesty, dignity, and class. There is finally a group of people in a central company that regular citizens can report to without the worry of retribution in any kind of negative light. As stated by Labaton Sucharow, “A revolution in securities enforcement began” when this program was created.

Anyone who discovers or comes across situations that need to be investigated but are fearful to report it for whatever reason may go to this site for more information on the program. The program itself makes the following statement in regards to the purpose of the group: “The status quo was not working, and law enforcement could not effectively and efficiently police the marketplace without the help of private individuals”. That is the problem that this program provides solutions to.

In today’s world where the almighty dollar seems to rule over actual morals and values, it is truly a breath of fresh air to find people generally concerned about truth and doing right by others. The “Golden Rule” is too often forgotten, especially when multi-million dollar companies are concerned.

OSI Group: The Making of a Charitable Multinational Corporation

Becoming a market leader and the largest privately-owned company in the United States of America are enviable achievements. It is the dream of many corporate leaders to develop a leading brand whose operations and reputation transcend the domestic market. It is such feats that OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, the president and CEO, respectively, have achieved. Since its founding over a century ago the company has transformed into a multinational conglomerate with an ever-increasing quality product portfolio, operational footprint, employee base, production capacity, and consequently, yearly revenue. Today, OSI boasts of annual revenue of over $6 billion, an employee base of over 20,000 people and an operational footprint in 17 countries spread across five of the seven continents of the world. The company also boasts of numerous excellent management awards that have been awarded to its top management, its various subsidiaries, and OSI in general.

Growth and Development

For the past century, OSI Group has increasingly evolved its operations with the adoption of innovative technologies and a strategic management practices aimed at adding a level of flexibility and responsiveness to its operations. From the revolutionary cryogenic meat processing technology to a longstanding partnership with fast food giants including McDonald’s, and strategic acquisitions and partnerships globally, OSI Group is truly a global brand whose management is keen on achieving market domination through high quality foods. In continents such as Europe, the company has adopted an aggressive expansion strategy characterized by partnerships with firms and acquisitions. In addition to partnering with a German firm, OSI also acquired UK-based Flagship Europe and Dutch company Baho Foods while also opening processing plants in Poland and Spain. OSI Group also has facilities and partners in Canada, Brazil, Japan, and India. In the U.S. where it is headquartered Illinois’s Aurora City, the company has numerous facilities including a newly-acquired Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

Charitable Engagements

Despite its wildly successful global campaign to become a food market leader, OSI Industries also dedicates a significant amount of resources to support local charities. The company has a longstanding sponsorship relationship with Ronald McDonald House; a charitable organization dedicated to offering a wide range of services to local communities including health care and accommodation services to the needy. OSI also donates to Feeding America.

How JHSF has been shaping Brazil’s real estate and the contributions of Jose Auriemo Neto

When it comes to listing companies that have helped shape the scope of real estate in Brazil, JHSF always tops the list. This company is one of the earliest pioneers of industry, as it was established back in the 1970s. Since then, it has done nothing but turn Brazil into an urban landscape through the development of high-end ultra-modern projects.

Notable projects

Based in Sao Paulo and led by Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF has for the past four and a half decades, transformed the scope of real estate through the development of shopping malls, ultra-luxurious restaurants and resorts, modern residential properties and office buildings as well.

Some of its most notable projects include the iconic Metro Santa Cruz shopping mall which steals the show in Sao Paulo by being the only shopping complex with a subway station, Salvador’s Bela Vista, and Manaus’s Ponta Negra shopping Centre. These are just but a drop in its ocean of real estate investments.

A brief overview of the company’s history

As mentioned earlier, the firm was established in the early ’70s, 1972 to be precise. Since its inception, the company has always been a family business, as its formation was as a result of collective efforts between brothers, Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo. However, there were two other partners on board.

From the word go, the company has always directed focus in construction and development, a factor that saw grow it rapidly and by 1990, it was a real estate giant. To increase its efficiency and footprint, the two brothers decided to split into two separate firms. Today, JHSF has grown into a conglomerate in real estate with projects in and out of the Brazilian borders.

Jose Auriemo Neto

After his graduation from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in 1993, Jose Auriemo Neto, son to one of the founders, joined his family’s business. Today, he serves as the CEO and chairman of the company. His earliest achievement at JHSF was the establishment of the firm’s Parkbem Company in 1997. Since then, he has gone on to achieve much more, such as leading JHSF to its first partnership with brands like Hermes, Pucci & Jimmy Choo and the development of its first airport.

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Betsy DeVos Continues To Donate Her Time And Money To Help American Children Receive A Good Education

The people of the state of Michigan know Betsy DeVos as a woman who fights for their rights. She has contributed to getting legislation passed that allows tax dollars to be used to pay for kids to get into private and charter schools. DeVos was born in Michigan and has called Grand Rapids her home for many years. She is now the Secretary of Education for the United States and has already been working hard to cross over the political aisles in order to better serve the American people.


Betsy DeVos attended a private Christian high school and also studied at a private Christian college. That college was Calvin College, and she received her Bachelor of Arts in business economics during her time there. DeVos also became very involved in the politics on the campus and continued to have an interest in the political arena afterwards. In Michigan, she served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years and has also been a huge supporter of the GOP in the state as well as the rest of the U.S.


Betsy DeVos continues to improve the educational sector in the U.S.A. by donating large amounts of money to nonprofits that benefit schools and the education of children in the country, at large. She helped to startup the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation years ago, which has donated millions of dollars to different charitable causes and organizations. It was recently discovered, after the foundation opened up its books, that 25% of the money it has donated has gone towards educational causes. DeVos also serves as a member of the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Mars Hill Bible Church, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and Kids Hope USA.


In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos revealed that many Democrats are beginning to see the benefits of educational choice. For many years, it has been seen as a Republican cause, but DeVos continues to win the favor of people from all kinds of different political backgrounds. Educational choice helps to balance the educational system of the country out by giving lower income families the same opportunities as everyone else. DeVos has pointed to states like Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana as being prime examples of how educational choice can help when it is implemented correctly. She believes that this is just the beginning and that many more children in the nation will benefit from the work she is doing.


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OSI Food Solutions Wins Globe of Honour in England Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

Aurora Illinois based OSI Food Solutions has supplied frozen patties to McDonald’s for over six decades. Starting as a one-man butcher shop in the nineteen-aughts OSI is now a multinational restaurant supply company serving multiple large restaurant chains.Presented by the British Safety Council the Globe of Honour is awarded to companies that demonstrate an exemplary commitment protecting the environment. On November 25, 2016, during a ceremony at London’s Draper’s Hall OSI Food Solutions was one of 18 companies from around the business world to receive a Globe of Honour.Companies apply to be considered for a Globe of Honour. The physical award is a glass globe made specifically for the British Safety Council.Vying companies undergo an environmental audit.

To earn the Globe of Honour candidates must receive a perfect five-out-of-five score for compliance with environmental regulations.Twenty-nine years ago, OSI began processing beef and pork in Scunthorpe, England. The 2016 award was the third Globe of Honour that facility has won.OSI Food Solutions recently doubled the production of chicken products in its Toledo, Spain facility to 48 million pounds a year. As production increased the plant’s energy consumption decreased. Both accomplishments were the result of a 17 million euro (currently $19,411,264.24 USD) expenditure to expand the plant.The facility’s electrical consumption is down 20% because of new equipment.

Heating the plant’s water using heat given off by cold storage units and cogeneration system saves more energy. Cogeneration is a means of using a single fuel to generate heat and electricity.For three consecutive years, Spain and Portugal’s demand for chicken products have increased 08%. To satisfy the increased demand OSI Food Solutions expanded their Toledo, Spain plant to 22,600 square feet.Among the features of the expansion are a product development kitchen and an employee lounge. A modernized production hall was also added.Safety systems were also upgraded. To prevent the deliberate contamination of food products OSI Food Solutions enhanced its food defense system with an access control system to keep unauthorized personnel out of the food processing area. The facility also has a state-of-the-art fire suppression system.

Ted Bauman: Looking For Value In An Overvalued Market

There are many financial advisors who believe that US equities are overvalued. Most metrics used to measure stocks will show that the US market is more overvalued now than any other time in history, including the tech boom in the late 1990’s. Now may be time for investors to seek areas that may offer value without the substantial risk. Ted Bauman is an economist who feels that the US equities market may crash. He believes that investors who adopt a low-risk investment strategy will make greater profits than higher-risk strategies in the long term. Mr. Bauman has had much of his written work published in respected journals across the world. He currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing where he offers advice on how to make proper investing decisions.

Ted Bauman believes that the trade war has created a buying opportunity in some of the largest publicly traded companies in China. He advised his subscribers to investigate the iShares China Large-Cap ETF. The companies in the ETF had a price-to-earnings ratio under three, which represents that an asset is extremely undervalued. These stocks had not been this cheap since right after the 2008 financial crisis. The Shanghai Composite is down almost twenty percent for the year, yet the US market is extremely overvalued in comparison. Ted Bauman admits that it is possible that US stocks could climb a little higher but that would involve more risk than rotating into equities with much more favorable valuations.

As a man who preaches low-risk investing strategies, Ted Bauman urges investors to have a proper balance of stocks and bonds in one’s financial portfolio. He feels that investors tend to overlook bonds and will get too caught up in the stock market. Bonds are a great hedge if there is a stock market crash. Mr. Bauman is currently giving it a fifty percent chance of a stock market crash, so bonds are a wise tool for investors. Bonds are interest-bearing assets and can provide residual income for investors. Although he is cautious about US stocks, Ted Bauman feels that it is never wise for a finance investor to completely abandon all stocks.

How JingDong New Parcel Delivery Service Will Influence Its Growth

Whenever there is mentioning of successful e-commerce businesses in Asia, JD.com never misses out. The Beijing based business has been setting the pace for e-commerce retailing ever since its inception. For instance, the firm recently took many in the business sector by surprise after it announced that it would be opening its a logistics networks doors to the public. This move is notable not only because it will help it expand into one of the most competitive arenas in China’s business landscape, but also because it will be the first e-commerce firm to venture into the area of parcel delivery services.

Once it is fully functional, this new parcel delivery service will enable those who use the JD.com app in cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to send their parcels within the city’s limits, and also throughout mainland China using the same reliable delivery service, which the company offers to its clients when they purchase products on its site. However, during the announcement, JD.com was quick to let app users know that the service is still a work on progress as it plans on expanding the program to include high value products, as well as make it available nationwide, hence making it the number one option for both residential and commercial deliveries for shippers in future.The company believes what it takes to ensure that over 90% of the orders placed on this service reach the recipients in a day or fewer thanks to its nationwide in-house logistics networks.

JD.com also believes that with the network, it can serve approximately 99% of China’s population without a strain. As per the statement offered by the company, those sending items can choose between high-speed rail and air depending on the urgency of the package. They can also opt for the firm’s mini-program delivery known as WeChat for pickups. Additionally, JD.com takes parcel delivery on a whole new level through the JD’s luxury white glove service which allows clients to send extra special packages.Jingdong’s CEO believes that this service takes JD an inch closer to its primary objective of opening up the infrastructure and technology that it has been building for the past one decade to more businesses and industries, thereby expanding its customer base and increasing its leverage.

OSI Industries Has Acquired Strategic Food Companies to Enhance its Growth and Expansion

OSI Industries has significantly achieved success in the food industry by selling processed food products in the United States and other parts of the world. The company has for an extended period been known as an aggressive investor because it specializes on acquiring several food companies which help it to expand in different parts of the word, especially in regions where there are vast and potential markets. Some of the companies that have been acquired for expansion purposes have been discussed below. Read more about OSI at Glassdoor

  • Flagship Europe Acquisition

This is one of the largest food manufacturing organization that operates in the United Kingdom and other European countries. OSI Industries placed an offer to acquire this entity so that it can establish its operations in these parts of the world. The company has since expanded into the European market and is one of the most dominant food manufacturing entity in the United Kingdom. This was an essential acquisition as the fast food market is huge and willing to spend.

  • Baho Food Acquisition

OSI Industries realized that the European market was so huge that acquisition of Flagship Europe would not be enough to dominate the broad European market. This is the reason the company acquired Baho Food. This is an organization that has a significant foothold in Germany and the Netherlands. Besides having five branches in the two countries, Baho Food has more than eighteen offices in other European countries, which makes it a significant acquisition.

  • Spain Expansion

The food processing company did not buy any food company in Spain but decided to establish a large food processing plant in Toledo. OSI Industries has developed one of the largest food processing plant, which has several production lines. The plant can produce more than twenty-four thousand tons of poultry per year.

  • Tyson Foods Acquisition

To achieve an even growth where OSI Industries expands both locally and internationally, the company decided to acquire Tyson Foods, a food processing plant based in Chicago. This is a huge plant that will enable the company to increase its production capacity. The plant will also play a vital role in helping the company to serve the North American market.

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Todd Levine Explains True Value Of Commercial Litigators.

Todd Levine is the founding member of one of Miami, Florida’s top commercial litigation firms. As the founder of Kluger Kaplan, Levine is utterly focused on providing not only excellent legal aid to his clients but also advice for potential clients who don’t yet see the value in commercial litigation. Todd Levine has been in the industry for over 25 years and he has built his resume out of working extensively in entertainment, sports, and commercial real estate. A graduate of the University of Florida’s Levine College of Law, Levine has become recognized not only for his work as a lawyer but also his extensive list of professional publications. Let’s learn a little bit more about Levine as well as what makes him so good at his job.


What makes Todd Levine a success story in the field of commercial litigation is the simple fact that he understands the importance of having quality representation. While people don’t want to consider that they may need to go to court one day, Levine offers them the kind of professional expertise that is utterly required in order to settle business disputes while dealing with any potential financial fallout. Todd Levine cautions readers to understand that commercial litigation is not the same as civil litigation and that there are several key differences. Primarily, commercial litigation is more complex and revolves around several more moving parts. As a result, commercial litigation often deals with larger financial disputes.


When seeking out a commercial litigator, Todd Levine knows that expertise trumps everything. For that reason, Levine believes himself to be one of the best in the industry. With 25+ years of strong industry experience, a history of detailed research, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances, there might not be a better commercial litigator in all of Florida.

Jason Hope gives $500,000 to anti-aging research group

Jason Hope is a tech enthusiast. He loves technologies that can change the lives of the people. He has been supporting the internet of things technology which has turned out true, and now he is supporting biotechnology research by a group known as the SENS Research Foundation. He is supporting the operations of this group because he feels that they are doing a noble cause. They have an initiative that will change the meaning of life and offer a lot of benefits to the people. SENS Research Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to accomplishing the needs of the people at all times. They want to alleviate the problems of old age diseases by coming up with a solution that meets the requirements of the industry.

Jason Hope is supporting this organization because they have a unique idea of addressing the old age problems. What this organization is doing is coming up with a long lasting solution that will eliminate the old age diseases. To eradicate these diseases, one has to stop the aging process first. This is the kind of solution that this organization is coming up with. They want to stop or reverse the aging process in human beings.

According to Jason Hope aging is seen today as a compulsory process that every human being must go through. SENS Research Foundation wants to change the narrative. They want to show the world that it is not compulsory that human beings must age and develop old age diseases. Old age diseases can be stopped by anti-aging research. This organization is carrying out research that will culminate in the discovery of an anti-aging drug. With such a drug, human beings will live long and healthy lives. The challenges of old age diseases are many, and what this organization is looking for is an opportunity to make the lives of human beings better. Human beings must not go through the aging process and suffer these diseases. There should be an opportunity for human beings to age gracefully.

Jason Hope has already donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. The funds have been utilized in the research work.

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