Betsy DeVos Continues To Donate Her Time And Money To Help American Children Receive A Good Education

The people of the state of Michigan know Betsy DeVos as a woman who fights for their rights. She has contributed to getting legislation passed that allows tax dollars to be used to pay for kids to get into private and charter schools. DeVos was born in Michigan and has called Grand Rapids her home for many years. She is now the Secretary of Education for the United States and has already been working hard to cross over the political aisles in order to better serve the American people.


Betsy DeVos attended a private Christian high school and also studied at a private Christian college. That college was Calvin College, and she received her Bachelor of Arts in business economics during her time there. DeVos also became very involved in the politics on the campus and continued to have an interest in the political arena afterwards. In Michigan, she served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years and has also been a huge supporter of the GOP in the state as well as the rest of the U.S.


Betsy DeVos continues to improve the educational sector in the U.S.A. by donating large amounts of money to nonprofits that benefit schools and the education of children in the country, at large. She helped to startup the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation years ago, which has donated millions of dollars to different charitable causes and organizations. It was recently discovered, after the foundation opened up its books, that 25% of the money it has donated has gone towards educational causes. DeVos also serves as a member of the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Mars Hill Bible Church, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and Kids Hope USA.


In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos revealed that many Democrats are beginning to see the benefits of educational choice. For many years, it has been seen as a Republican cause, but DeVos continues to win the favor of people from all kinds of different political backgrounds. Educational choice helps to balance the educational system of the country out by giving lower income families the same opportunities as everyone else. DeVos has pointed to states like Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana as being prime examples of how educational choice can help when it is implemented correctly. She believes that this is just the beginning and that many more children in the nation will benefit from the work she is doing.


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