OSI Group: The Making of a Charitable Multinational Corporation

Becoming a market leader and the largest privately-owned company in the United States of America are enviable achievements. It is the dream of many corporate leaders to develop a leading brand whose operations and reputation transcend the domestic market. It is such feats that OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald, the president and CEO, respectively, have achieved. Since its founding over a century ago the company has transformed into a multinational conglomerate with an ever-increasing quality product portfolio, operational footprint, employee base, production capacity, and consequently, yearly revenue. Today, OSI boasts of annual revenue of over $6 billion, an employee base of over 20,000 people and an operational footprint in 17 countries spread across five of the seven continents of the world. The company also boasts of numerous excellent management awards that have been awarded to its top management, its various subsidiaries, and OSI in general.

Growth and Development

For the past century, OSI Group has increasingly evolved its operations with the adoption of innovative technologies and a strategic management practices aimed at adding a level of flexibility and responsiveness to its operations. From the revolutionary cryogenic meat processing technology to a longstanding partnership with fast food giants including McDonald’s, and strategic acquisitions and partnerships globally, OSI Group is truly a global brand whose management is keen on achieving market domination through high quality foods. In continents such as Europe, the company has adopted an aggressive expansion strategy characterized by partnerships with firms and acquisitions. In addition to partnering with a German firm, OSI also acquired UK-based Flagship Europe and Dutch company Baho Foods while also opening processing plants in Poland and Spain. OSI Group also has facilities and partners in Canada, Brazil, Japan, and India. In the U.S. where it is headquartered Illinois’s Aurora City, the company has numerous facilities including a newly-acquired Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

Charitable Engagements

Despite its wildly successful global campaign to become a food market leader, OSI Industries also dedicates a significant amount of resources to support local charities. The company has a longstanding sponsorship relationship with Ronald McDonald House; a charitable organization dedicated to offering a wide range of services to local communities including health care and accommodation services to the needy. OSI also donates to Feeding America.

OSI Food Solutions: The Premier Food Processing Industry

OSI Food Solutions is certainly one amongst the 100 leading companies in the United States. The firm was started by Otto Kolschowski in 1990. It mainly focuses on the processing and manufacturing of food products. Considering that it started as a small-scale meat company, it has managed to build it popularity by providing the best meat products. The firm was regarded as a global powerhouse immediately they began supplying their protein patties to MacDonald’s franchise.

Being that the firm situated in Aurora, Illinois, today it has employed over 20,000 workers. It has also opened 65 facilities in 17 different countries worldwide. The company offers their services to retailers as well as food enterprises. Some of the products supplied include hot dogs, pizza, fish, bacon, meat patties and vegetable products.

Based on Forbes, amongst the biggest independent companies in America, OSI Food Solutions was ranked position 58. Additionally, the firm has continued to benefit within and outside the United States because of offering excellent products and services. Currently, the company’s annual earnings stand at $6.1 billion hence their high ranking.

OIS Food Solutions is regarded highly for their remarkable performance and participation in the food industry. For example, in 2016, the company won the British Safety Council’s Globe award owing to their safety record.

The OSI Food Solutions continues to be at the leading age due to its Innovativeness. The firm has come up with numerous food solutions. Just to illustrate, it was the first one to develop a state of the art facility which uses current technology to flash freeze hamburger patties.

Besides partnering with MacDonald’s the firm posses many proper alliances and acquisitions which have benefited the company in the food industry. For years, OSI Group has developed} its reputation as the renowned meat supplier to leading fast food stores. A good number of chains that the firm delivers include Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks.

OSI Food Solutions has currently extended its operations by acquiring Baho Foods, Flagship Europe together with a plant owned by Tyson Food. Moreover, the management of the firm has a lot of business and expansion plans that are targeting countries like Poland, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico and the Pacific Rim.

To sum up, the OSI Group has proved how it has the potential to continue being the best for the food industry even in the future.