The Most Disastrous Weapon Used In The Middle Age Period- Trabuco

Long before the modern day artillery including the gunpowder was founded, the people from the middle age period used a weapon that was known as the Trabuco. Thousands of generations used the war machine as it was used for nearly ten centuries after its invention.

The war weapon was first established when the earth was only four centuries old in the 400 BC. It was developed by the Chinese people who used the sling method to come up with the war machine. They designed the device to handle larger missiles from longer distances just like the sling where they aimed to make it hold heavier loads.


The Physics behind the Trabuco Mechanism

The war machines worked by employing the Kinetic Theory in Physics that dictates that potential energy has to be converted to kinetic energy to hurl loads. Also, the speed or velocity of the object should be directly proportional to the force applied while some of the heat dissipates in the process. It is by this Physics application that the objects fired were able to cause massive destruction to the walls of the opponents. Besides, depending on the size of the war machine, trabuco would shoot heavy loads of up to 140 pounds from 80 meters away.

The War Machine Usage

The Trabuco weapons were also used in other parts of the world where it was spread to other nations by the Arab merchants. It was first received by the Europeans in the 600 AD, and they used it in battles with their opponents in Europe. The machine was again used by religious groups during conflicts and even in Brazil. Additionally, the war machine existed in two phases where the first one was known as the tensile or traction weapon, while the other one was known as the hybrid war machine according to The former used the human intervention, but the latter was developed to incorporate counterweight instead. Nonetheless, it was later abandoned in the 13th century when gunpowder was discovered.

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